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La Tour D’Argent

A new view for the Parisian gastronomic institution

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Location Paris, France
Photo Credits Matthieu Salvaing - La Tour D'Argent

Not everyone can boast a history of over four centuries! And in such a fascinating context.

We are “among the roofs of Paris”, in one of the most ancient and famous restaurants in the city: La Tour D’Argent.

Founded as a hotel in 1582, it was transformed into a restaurant in 1780, and expanded in the twentieth century with a panoramic dining room offering an extraordinary view of the Seine and Notre Dame cathedral.

The intertwining of tradition, location and haute cuisine consolidated its reputation as a Parisian gastronomic institution over time.


During the most recent renovation, the dining room was enhanced with a new type of view: the one over the kitchen, which was opened to allow guests to admire the art of cooking which takes shape and creates French delicacies awarded one Michelin star.

The heart of this open kitchen is by Marrone: a custom cooking block with perfect symmetry of functions and extremely clean aesthetics.



Luma Tower 7th Floor

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