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Ars Addit Naturae

Transformation becomes evolution when ingenuity changes the manifestations of nature within the rules that it dictates; this is what happens when tradition takes a step forward, developing the profound meaning of its principles. Providing the Chef with evolution tools is the way Marrone participates in the evolutionary process of culinary culture, leaving his mark alongside the artist who is the driving force of this journey.

Ars Addit Naturae

The next step Enriching sensory experiences The synthesis between possible and necessary Performance

The next step

A Marrone kitchen accelerates the journey towards evolution.

A deep study of culinary traditions makes Marrone both a guardian of continuity and a promoter of research. Once it is completed, Marrone’s kitchen is a tool placed between these tensions in the exact point decided by the chef, whatever the school through which it expresses itself. The next step in the artist’s evolution is at hand.

Enriching sensory experiences

The custom kitchen opens its door to culinary exploration.

Upon completion of the cooking suite, the Chef, his team and the Marrone kitchen become a unicum capable of exploring the culinary sensory universe, of studying it and changing it, evolving it with precision, speed and with the least effort possible. A whole made up of mind, soul and body, animated by the artist’s desire for discovery and innovation.

The synthesis between possible and necessary

The custom-made kitchen harnesses power, aiming at the boundary between what is and what will be.

To create a new dish means to bring something to the world that is both nature and culture, which combines the possibilities of nature with the desires of ingenuity in a delicate and complex synthesis. The tool that makes creation possible is thought of in the same way: a combination between what is possible and what is necessary, a machine that is also thought, which persuades the forces of cold and heat by strictly obeying their laws.


The tailor-made kitchen brings thought and action together.

Performance is the safety of gesture, an intuition that has the certainty of transforming itself into an act, space, and time between thought and action that cancel one another. A Marrone cooking suite offers the Chef these opportunities and permanently alters his operational context, forever adding to his abilities a space of possibility that was previously unthinkable.

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