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Tabula Rasa

The tabula rasa represents the emptiness of mind, which allows welcoming new ideas and concepts. It is the arrangement through which Marrone deals with the development of a new kitchen: the white sheet, the absolute receptivity. The cooking suite is conceived through an exchange of ideas with the Chef, the Kitchen Consultant, the Food and Beverage Manager, or with the Demiurge of the project. Before this it is nothing, it does not exist, except in the possibilities offered by technology and experience, and in the needs dictated by the customer’s cooking philosophy.

Tabula Rasa

Fully customized kitchen Open comparison From inspiration to ideation Total freedom

Fully customized kitchen

The Marrone Kitchen arises from the interaction between customer and supplier.

The choice to create fully custom-made kitchens is the result of Marrone’s approach: ensuring continuity in the improvement of culinary traditions. Only a custom design can provide the Chef with the right number of control points and the most suitable technologies to align with each cooking philosophy.

Open comparison

Custom kitchen means no preconceptions.

Tabula rasa means not limiting what can be achieved, but developing a project that is the result of what the Chef really needs. To do this, it is necessary to understand the idea that animates the culinary space that he wants to propose, the vision that moves the activity, the objectives of the work. This is only possible starting from any superstructure, even technological.

From inspiration to ideation

The fully customized kitchen follows the idea generated it.

Like any work of art, the initial inspiration for the making of a dish can come from the most varied fields, and the necessary disposition to obtain it is to let oneself be taken by it. Only then it is possible to face the technical elements that will lead to the actual recipe. With this same awareness, the first step of the metamorphosis that will lead to the Marrone kitchen is addressed.

Total freedom

The custom kitchen is not built from a catalog.

There are no pre-established models, formats to choose from, restricted lists of functionalities. What is important is the process of transforming food, with the characteristics attributed to it by the Chef’s cooking philosophy. Everything starts from here and meets Marrone’s experience in the development of cooking tools typical of the culinary traditions from the West, Middle East or Asia, and of the most important schools of fusion among them.

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