Marrone - Professional custom cooking systems

Artist tools

The food is culture and tradition, art; to those who commit themselves in this art and to those who provide spaces and places to practice it, Marrone offers a fully customized kitchen, totally built around the style, ideas, techniques of the Chef. A perfect gear in which man is the soul, a creation oriented to performance, to reliability in the realization of the dishes and in the execution of the culinary art.


The construction of a kitchen is a stream, a process that does not start from given elements. The product does not exist in the beginning: it takes shape in the interaction, in the dialog between Marrone and his customer, whether it be the Chef, the Cooking Manager or the owner of the eating place. For this reason a Marrone cooking suite always originates from a listening moment, by an exchange of ideas that will become over time a totally customized product.


The measure is always a question of rationality, and rationality is always a question of awareness. The Marrone kitchens are designed according to the practical needs of the Chef, and are then calibrated on the technical and culinary choices that he makes, right down to the smallest detail. The choice and the distribution of functionalities and their personalization are realized by pursuing the total responsiveness to the instrument, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience of use.



Transformation of food is a decisive act, which admits no second attempts. The spirit in which the Marrone kitchen is made is to allow this decisive act, assuring the results from the approach of the Chef and to the way he organizes his team. The materials, functions and the layout are all designed to the optimum execution of the recipes, in respect of the culinary tradition that they represent and the expressive choices that produced them.


The quality, even the aesthetics, of the materials and of the design path of a Marrone kitchen aims at the construction of an environment suitable for high craftsmanship: a place where not only work becomes art, but art becomes work as well. Compliance with criteria of strength, durability and technology resistance lets you know that at every moment the instrument will respond to the operating and creative stresses which is subjected.


The reasons for the project

Transformation of food is the oldest cultural human act and even the most modern and revolutionary: a gesture that today crosses continents and peoples, binds knowledge and civilization. The love for this act involves acquiring knowledge in relentless years of practice and experimentation, of study of the traditions, of the materials and the techniques to ensure that it can have continuity in its path of improvement.

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Compose a Marrone kitchen involves joining together the more vertical skills about individual processes and a horizontal capacity of imagination and understanding. Nobody is an island, even the top Chef is leading a team, even the best restaurant derives from the cooperation between a managerial and an artistic soul. The common denominator is the passion and focus on the objectives.

Research and Development

Marrone has been conducting for years an exclusive exploration on traditional cuisines of the world. The Marrone kitchens help you achieve results of culinary transformation in line with the tradition thanks to unique functionalities, that reproduce mechanisms of cooking not normally available in industrial kitchens. Research and development have a single objective: to guarantee the continuity of the culinary cultures and the possibility of the Chef to experiment on them.