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Luma Tower 7th Floor

A new iconic French tower by Frank Gehry for Maja Hoffmann’s cultural foundation

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Location Arles, France
Photo Credits Serafec

LUMA Arles is an eleven-hectare campus dedicated to contemporary art and research, commissioned by the Swiss collector and patron Maja Hoffmann to recover a former industrial area and to make Arles a new interdisciplinary cultural hub, «open to creation and debate, to artists and the public».

The heart of the campus is the shining and twisted tower designed by Frank Gehry, the world-famous American architect who, in designing it, was inspired by the nearby rock massif of the Alpilles painted by Van Gogh. His Luma Tower is 56 meters high, is covered with 11,000 reflective stainless steel panels, all different from each other and, on the seventh floor, offers a restaurant area equipped with solutions by Marrone Group.

The interior design has seen the collaboration of Marrone and Iglu with the architect Raffaella Bortoluzzi of Labo Design Studio in New York: it includes a lively custom-made professional kitchen composed of four main monoblocks, a bespoke bar area and a refrigerated display for wine collection.





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