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Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa

The Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa is located in Sanya, China, and is considered a tranquil seaside retreat, offering its guests exceptional dining experiences.

Installation date November 2014
Location Sanya

This is the perfect place where families can spend a pleasant holiday. The resort offers several dining options, inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia and Polynesia.

Chuyi Wutai is an all-day restaurant serving author dishes and local specialties such as Hainanese chicken rice, Dongshan lamb and Wujiao pork.

It’s impossible not to notice the uniquely designed cooking block made by Marrone and positioned in the center of the room. The cooking block is equipped with a wok station, lava rock grill, solid top, and teppanyaki placed on 4 sides of the octagonal-shaped block. The remaining sections are practical work surfaces.

Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa


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