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Selfie Restaurant & Bar

A glass dome on the 16th floor of the Smolenskiy Passage, Moscow’s large shopping center, is home to the prestigious White Rabbit Selfie restaurant, born from the collaboration between restaurateur Boris Zarkov and star chef Vladimir Mukhin.

Installation date September 2015
Location Moscow

Characterized by large glass windows overlooking the Novinsky Bulevard, it is called Selfie and represents the Muscovites’ new delight.

This location is in 23rd place in the ranking 50 Best Restaurants 2015.

The Selfie Restaurant offers dishes prepared by the starred chefs Vladimir Mukhin and Anatoly Kazakov.

Andrea Viacava designed the completely open kitchen. Marrone is proud to be part of this important project with an absolutely prestigious kitchen. Guests can admire the imposing and modern cooking block from the dining room.

Chefs Vladimir and Anatoly can enjoy the latest and most innovative technologies available with a Marrone cooking block.

Vladimir’s dishes are created through the combination of a long work, a parsimonious gastronomic research and a careful use of tools made available by Marrone.

It is an honor to collaborate with this prestigious chef who has already worked on Marrone’s cooking blocks during Chef’s Cup 2015, Al Meni 2015 and recently at the Identità Expo.

Selfie Restaurant & Bar

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