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Piscina Molitor

Piscine Molitor has reopened its doors, becoming a city resort for a stay in this iconic location in Paris. An example of art-deco and avant-garde atmosphere, the Molitor center was inaugurated in 1929, with the participation of the famous Olympic swimmers Aileen Riggin and Johnny Weissmuller. The historic swimming pool has also been the catwalk for the first international bikini designers. From “public swimming pool” to private club, today Molitor is a jump into legend, with its extended accommodation facility.

Installation date July 2014
Location Paris

After years of success, in 1989 the Molitor sports complex closed its doors although the reputation of this center has always remained alive over the years. However, the following year the structure was recovered and recognized as a historical monument of France.

In 2001, the novel “Life of Pi” written by Yann Martel, and its protagonist, restored visibility and celebrity to the famous pool of Paris.

The facility has been renovated following the original architecture and is part of a new resort that also houses a 5-star hotel, a spa, a private club and luxury restaurants.

To optimize its gastronomic offer, Molitor chose 2 Marrone cooking blocks: one was installed indoors, while the other on the terrace overlooking the beautiful swimming pool.

In the prestigious kitchens, Chef Yannick Alléno prepares his signature dishes.

Piscina Molitor

Pierre Marcolini Haute Chocolaterie

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