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Le Calandre

The Alajmo family has dedicated itself for years to the catering business and today, with the latest generation led by the brothers Massimiliano and Raffaele, it carries on with passion and enthusiasm the Le Calandre restaurant in Sarmeola (Padua), in addition to the restaurant Quadri in Venice and La Montecchia in Selvazzano (Padua).

Installation date January 2013
Location Sarmeola

After choosing Marrone for Grancaffè Quadri’s kitchen, Massimiliano Alajmo, the youngest 3-starred European chef, confirmed once again the partnership with the well known Friuli-based company to renew the creative space of Le Calandre.

This project, from conception to realization, was taken care of according to the customer’s specific requests and needs: from the “stove’s” technical and aesthetic details to the functional and ergonomic ones, finally adding the Alajmo logo on the steel.

Le Calandre

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