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Dim Sum

The Dim Sum in Milan is the new restaurant owned by Yike Weng and Chiara Wang Pei. A fine restaurant, designed by Carlo Samarati, where the furniture becomes lines, the mirrors are covered with thin chains that imitate the effect of smoke, and the intense blue light illuminates the colors of the food on the plate.

Installation date January 2013
Location Milan

The jewel of the restaurant is the show cooking block crafted by Marrone, a theater where Dim Sum, the exquisite micro-courses of the traditional Cantonese cuisine, is prepared.

As soon as one enters the first room of the restaurant, what attracts the attention is the blue cube that overhangs the electric steamer, the main character and fundamental element for the preparation of oriental dishes.

Once again, Marrone has demonstrated its professionalism in offering a tailor-made, professional, and specific product for every type of culinary preparation.

Dim Sum


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