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Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat: the taste of sustainable modernity

An ambitious slow-living project between nature, history and food and wine

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Location Valpantena, Grezzana (VR), Italy
Dealer Seno & Seno SpA
Photo Credits Francesco De Marco - Ca' del Moro Wine Retreat

Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat is the Resort & Restaurant of the winery La Collina dei Ciliegi: a 56-hectare natural oasis on the gentle hills of the Valpantena, born from the project to reconvert Veronese land for winemaking and hotellerie.

Here, among vineyards, cherry trees, meadows and wonderful woods, the ancient Cimbrian village of Erbin has been renovated with passion, respect and foresight by the entrepreneur Massimo Gianolli, who wanted to bet on his family’s places of the heart with an ambitious slow-living hospitality project:

«An experience built around human habits to rediscover and restore value to simple gestures, the truth of flavors and aromas, the mutable charm of matter. The key element is time and its ability to influence things: this is why Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat offers the possibility of distancing oneself from the imposed rhythms to rediscover one’s own dimension.
Because fast is the world that revolves around us, but today we know that fast doesn’t always mean better, and some things need time to reach perfection. Wine, for example.
What must be planted, grown, cared for and harvested in order to be bottled and reach the table must respect the seasons and the cycles of nature».


The restructuring of the village itself has scrupulously followed the ancient construction methods of the Lessini refuges, recovering techniques for mixing stones, live lime, wood and natural fibers: every detail has a story to tell.

As well as the many experiences that lead to the discovery of the land, culture and flavours of Valpantena: from tastings in the cellar to horse riding in the vineyards, from e-bike excursions to helicopter rides, from wellness activities to the restaurant.


The kitchen environment also follows the philosophy of excellence: around the custom-designed Marrone cooking suite, the talented chef Giuseppe Lamanna and his brigade of professionals elaborate high-quality zero-kilometer ingredients to make each guest enjoy exceptional seasonal menus, reinterpreting the flavours of Lessinia in a contemporary key in every dish.

«We are committed every day to maintaining close contact with the agro-gastronomic culture of the area, through a network of local producers and artisans, and to spreading the culture of healthy eating and the protection of biodiversity. For this reason, among our vineyards we host several hives to promote the important work done by bees and we manage a small herd of Brogna della Lessinia sheep, the only native breed of the Veronese mountains that survived extinction, a heritage of biodiversity and sustainability recognized by Slow Food».



Luma Tower 7th Floor

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