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Asian Culinary Institute Singapore

The Asian Culinary Institute is located in Singapore and is a real point of reference for the training of future kitchen professionals.

Installation date May 2015
Location Singapore

The Institute was designed and built by following 5 guidelines: tradition, cultural heritage, efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

The kitchens of the Institute contain 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) which, according to the Chinese zodiac, create balance and harmony.

Once again, Marrone is pleased to have designed and crafted numerous cooking blocks for this prestigious location.

Asian Culinary Institute Singapore

Marrone was inspired by these concepts to realize and install in the kitchens of the Asian Culinary Institute some innovative and performant stoves, with a modern design and with vivid colours. Marrone thanks for his precious consultation Christophe Megel, the Chef famous for being president of Bocuse d’Or in Singapore and for having worked in the most prestigious Asiatic structures.

Asian Culinary Institute Singapore

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