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Whether it happened early or late, anyone who had the opportunity to purchase their dream house thinks of it as one of the most important moments in his or her life. It is a moment that represents both arrival and departure, a moment in which a project is completed, and a new one is ready to take off, and perhaps even more significant.

For us, it is the adventure of populating a space, of relating to it, of transforming it into pure expression. And it does not end with a sale and purchase, but actually, it lasts longer, and for the lucky ones, a whole lifetime.

This is how we feel in celebrating the launch of our new website: we ended a planning phase that lasted many months and gave us the vital opportunity to look inside of ourselves, to reach the heart of what we do and who we are.

To tell about Marrone and our kitchens is in some ways a challenge: it’s about telling not only an idea but all those processes from which an idea comes from and where it leads. It is about explaining the flow that brings ideas together and the processes that arise. It’s an enormous task, thinking of it, a sort of Atlas of the Heavens. You do not find Marrone’s kitchens in catalogs, and to say the truth not even in a series of photographs: it is the epitome of custom kitchens, each realization is a concretization of a particular instance, therefore unique and unrepeatable.

So, what is a Marrone kitchen?

It is a series of principles, a method, a set of skills, and how they combine, ratio, project, exchange, words all followed by hard work. And also tests, repetitions, search for perfection. It is the love for culinary traditions, and like any love, it is made of knowledge of those traditions and daily life, their evolution over time until the present moment. 

How is this all told?

We decided to do it by following the steps of our method: four steps that tell our approach to transformation, a transformation that is at the heart of our work (from ideas to things, from inert materials to tools) and the transformation our customers carry out (from food to a dish, from raw materials to art pieces).

Four steps appointed in Latin, to remember our first bond with Western culture and Italy in particular, the port from which we depart to explore in depth other culinary traditions and their relationship with the culture that generates them.

Four steps that represent the loci of the path that leads from an idea to a Marrone kitchen crafted in a culinary context.

Tabula rasa: departure without preconceptions.
Cum Grano Salis: the reason that pushes together with emotion.
Deus Ex Machina: the spirit that enables transformation.
Ars Addit Naturae: the process that is completed, the evolution accomplished and ready for the new step.

Is this enough to describe a Marrone kitchen? We asked ourselves and didn’t believe so.

From the vision, everything that comes first and everything that comes after remained excluded. Each metamorphosis is a turning point that connects what was there before with what comes next. This is why talking about a Marrone kitchen means not keeping many other stories untold: those who came to us with an idea, a vision, a problem to face; the story of the adventures that led to giving substance to concepts and solving problems; a travel in culinary cultures of faraway countries, from which one comes back with a new vision that becomes a new tool, a new concept.

To do this, to share those stories, we needed an extra tool, a container to put our knowledge so that it had a form suitable to be communicated. A place where we could talk about metamorphosis. That place is Metamorphosis, our magazine in which we disappear, and stories speak for us.

Here, we disappear. A “we” does not suit this new home: an instrument speaks for itself of its utility, a gesture of expression does not need to be explained, or it would be useless and fallacious. You will not hear us say “we”: our stories and our achievements speak for us.

Visit our home.

Have a nice journey.

Langosteria: a revolution in 16 square meters.

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