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Restaurant Ba

The Ba restaurant, owned by the Liu family, is located in Milan and offers Chinese cuisine rich of flavors and traditional culinary proposals.

Installation date June 2015
Location Milan

Opened in 2011, the Ba restaurant completely renovated its kitchen in 2015 to improve the efficiency of its service areas.

Enjoy the quality of unique dishes in a refined and elegant environment characterized by an international mood: this is where specialties of the purest Chinese tradition can be tasted, without forgetting some typical flavors of its adoptive land.

The interior designer Claudio Samarati has completely redesigned the kitchen.

An open kitchen allows the restaurant’s guests to enjoy the spectacular and meticulous oriental culinary art.

The kitchen features 4 cooking blocks designed, crafted, and installed by Marrone. They are characterized by a modern look and equipped with efficient and performing functions, elements, and details that allow chefs to offer the best Chinese cuisine.

Pictures by Marco Bignozzi

Ristorante Ba

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