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Osteria del Borro

Owned by the Ferragamo family, the Borro is characterized by an elegant atmosphere with its comfortable and refined country style.

Installation date September 2015
Location San Giustino Valdarno

Immersed in the valley of Valdarno, with its 700 hectares of land surrounded by vineyards, Il Borro also includes a magnificent Relais housing a medieval village dating back to the year 1000, a nineteenth-century villa, a centuries-old wine cellar, a Spa and L’Osteria del Borro.

Both the dining room and the kitchen of the Osteria have been finely refurbished to offer exceptional comfort.

The Ferragamo family and chef Andrea Campani have conceived an ethical vision of food, combined with environmental sustainability.

Choices also confirmed by the implementation of an innovative ozone extraction system, the first in Europe, to guarantee the highest standards of hygiene.

The Ferragamo family chose Marrone for the realization of 2 open kitchens, maximum expression of craftsmanship, design, and sustainability, arising from the collaboration with the supplier Chiantini and with the designer Andrea Viacava.

Surrounded by glass walls, the cooking block becomes an attraction point where guests can taste dishes prepared by chef Andrea Campani while enjoying an original cooking show.

The second cooking block, also surrounded by glass walls, is located in an elegant room reserved for special guests.

Osteria del Borro

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