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Michel Sarran Restaurant

It feels like home at Chef Michel Sarran’s place: in his restaurant, you can undoubtedly feel warmth and friendliness.

Installation date November 2016
Location Toulouse

In this splendid location in Toulouse, France, Françoise, the starred chef’s wife, welcomes guests in a pleasant and friendly environment.

The interiors are furnished in a modern style, with wooden elements combined with particular tiles.

The dishes are elaborated and studied by the chef Michel Sarran, 2 Michelin stars, also known as the judge on the TV show Top Chef France.

Steel and white stand out among the rounded and irregular lines of the customized cooking blocks created by Marrone for Michel Sarran. The chef, together with his staff, work to bring the best French cuisine to the table.

Photos by Grandes Cuisines.

Michel Sarran Restaurant

The kitchen, entirely signed by Marrone, denotes the care and the attention wherewith the Chef chose to furnish his restaurant. The stainless steel and the white colour shine among the round and irregular lines of the cooking suites.
Is here that the young and talented staff of the restaurant works with the Chef Sarran to bring at the tables the best that you can find in the french cuisine.

Photo by Grandes Cuisines.

Michel Sarran Restaurant

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