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Marrone qualifies in the team of Ron Dennis

Press Release | Zoppola, 4th May 2022

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In the coming months, a new prestigious project will see the light; developed by Ron Dennis and his company Lavendo Developments, Marrone will be an integral part of it: not in the world of motor racing, but in a shortlist of producers of excellence within the luxury real estate segment.

Being chosen as a partner by an influential, expert and perfectionist personality like Ron Dennis, represents a new goal, as rewarding as it is stimulating for Marrone. We are proud to be part of the team selected for this project, which gives us another opportunity to test ourselves and to represent the Made in Italy abroad.

Ron Dennis stated “I love to build things and to achieve an objective. It is part of my nature to strive for perfection and attention to detail and is a characteristic that translates into all that I do. Therefore I was of course struck by Marrone’s accurateness – execution, performance, reliability are at the heart of their kitchens, all in line with many of my own values.”

Ron Dennis, in addition to dedicating himself passionately to philanthropic projects, continues to pursue new business opportunities. With this goal and his passion for construction – he formed Lavendo Holdings in 2017, the mother company of Lavendo Developments Limited, subsequently formed in 2019 and active in the construction industry. The Lavendo group of companies embrace his vision of science, design and arts.

It is here that the English entrepreneur met Marrone: in a design context that realises Dennis’ recognised “attention to detail” and his “constant search for innovation, perfection and excellence“.

The development processes that have synergistically engaged the companies involved are now reaching the final stages: in the coming months the project will be presented with a dedicated event.

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In the picture: Armando Pujatti, CEO of Marrone, with Ron Dennis.


Note for Editor:

About Ron Dennis CBE: British Businessman and Entrepreneur, Founding Shareholder and former Chairman and Chief Executive, McLaren Technology Group Ltd, former British Business Ambassador for the UK, former Global Consultant, Minsheng Investment Corporation, former Co-Chair Defence Innovation Advisory Panel MOD, Founder of Lavendo Holdings, Founder of Dreamchasing Foundation, Founder of SaluteTheNHS Campaign, Chairman of Podium Analytics, former Co-Chair and Trustee Tommy’s Campaign, Patron Tommy’s Campaign, Governor Wellington College. Awarded Hon. DTech De Montfort, 1996; Hon. DSc City, 1997; DUniv Surrey, 2000; Hon. DEng Bath, 2013. Gold Medal, British Racing Drivers’ Club, 2001; Prince Philip Medal, RAEng 2008; Golden Plate, Acad. of Achievement, 2017.

About Marrone: See Marrone Company Profile.


An above luxury residential kitchen conceived by the designers of Ron Dennis comes to life with Margraf and Marrone

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