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Langosteria Paraggi

After the venue in Milan, a new Langosteria opened its doors in Paraggi, one of the most chic and historic beach clubs along the Ligurian Riviera, just one kilometer from Portofino.

Installation date May 2017
Location Paraggi

This is the first restaurant of Enrico Buonocore’s chain opened outside Milan.

Located on the seashore, the restaurant enriches the prestigious Bagni Fiore. Here guests can dine with the high-quality cuisine that characterizes Langosteria, Langostria Bistrot, and Langosteria Cafè.

Also for Langosteria Paraggi, Enrico Buonocore requested a Marrone cooking block. A small gem where the chef can prepare one of the best fish cuisines in Italy.

Langosteria Paraggi

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