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Il Morelli + The Bulk

Inside the Hotel Viu in Milan, Chef Giancarlo Morelli, who already holds a Michelin star from Pomiroeau in Seregno, opened the Morelli restaurant alongside the Bulk Mixology & Food Bar.

Installation date April 2017
Location Milan

Simplicity, elegance, and attention to detail characterize this restaurant.

It is the ideal place for hunters of great “heritage” classics: about 20 exclusive dishes created by the chef. Those looking for an unforgettable experience can sit directly at the Chef’s Table: 14 seats are available right in the kitchen. This is where the chef’s creations can be enjoyed while watching the show on stage in the charming open kitchen.

For his “lab” Giancarlo Morelli doesn’t left something to chance and personally studied and drawn every detail, entrusting to Marrone the design and the installation. It’s in this way that took shape an accurate place that exactly reflect the style of the restaurant and the needs of the Chef. The aesthetic peculiarity of the kitchen, a little bit more large of the dining room, is highlightes by its opaque white colouring, modern and refined. From the functional point of view everything was planned to simplify the work of the Chef and of his team. Each cooking-block is dedicated to a specific service. The work of the Chef begin on the first cooking-block where he prepares the appetizers and the amuse bouches. Instead the three main cooking-blocks are respectively used for first dishes, meat dishes and fish dishes. Last but not least the pastry area.
For Morelli and Bulk, Marrone made avalaible the best equipments: the cooking-block are totally electric with increased mobile unit, centralization of the refrigeration and aspirating ceiling.
Moreover, the bases are all rigorously stonebuilted to simplify the cleanliness.

Il Morelli + The Bulk

Hotel Eden Rome

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