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France: possibility of financing with Assurance Maladie

8th February 2023

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Since the beginning of January, the Assurance Maladie has been offering financial assistance to French companies wishing to improve the ergonomics of their workstations. The operation is called TMS ACTION in the kitchen and the aim is to help companies to acquire new equipment and to finance training to reduce physical constraints during manual handling of loads, repetitive efforts or awkward postures.


How does it work?

Establish an action plan with a diagnosis justifying the purchase of a custom-made cooking block, in order to facilitate cleaning, actions and repetitive gestures that can cause immunoskeletal disorders in the kitchen. You can benefit from a 50% subsidy on your investment, from a minimum of € 1,000 up to a maximum of € 25,000.

This type of financing has been in place since January 2023 and is limited to a regional share.

Find out more about this aid and the conditions on the Assurance Maladie website


Marrone eligible design

Marrone cooking blocks perfectly meet the requirements to obtain the subsidy thanks to the ergonomic and safety features of our design:

  • One-piece top in AISI 304 18/10 non-magnetic
  • Easy to clean planchas with perimeter water circulation
  • Flush fryer completely concealed in the cooking block
  • Water tap developed by MARRONE with controls recessed in the front
  • H2 hygienic base plates
  • Built-in cooling on the underside of the H2 hygiene unit
  • Temperature maintenance drawers for picking during service
  • Induction hobs with glass ceramic
  • Pasta cookers with no visible resistance


Contact us to take advantage of this opportunity!


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