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Domaine du Taillé

Located in the heart of a natural park in Vesseaux, in southern Ardèche, Le Domaine du Taillé is an accommodation and holiday center and Zen retreat.

Installation date April 2013
Location Vesseaux

The Domaine on Taillé, owned by Jean d’Aulan, is a destination appreciated by those seeking internships and training sessions in the spirit of oriental school spirituality and philosophy.

Among the services available to the eco-tourists of the facility, there is also a space dedicated to refreshment, a welcoming little place that knows how to combine the art of life with macrobiotic nutrition.

For this wellness center, Marrone has designed and created a cooking block that stands out for its essential and harmonious design, offering all the features required to create Annie d’Aulan’s exquisite recipes. A menu based on seasonal products, healthy and nutritious ingredients, a tasty mix between French and Japanese food culture.

Domaine du Taillé

Domestic kitchen in Belgium

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