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Chef Davide Oldani opened his new restaurant D’O in June 2016 in the main square of San Pietro All’Olmo, right on the edge of Milan.

Installation date June 2016
Location Milan

D’O is an essential and minimalist restaurant, welcoming like a home with its large and bright windows. Famous chef Davide Oldani’s mark is everywhere: not only in the dishes but also on tables and chairs which he designed.

An open custom kitchen made by Marrone for chef Davide Oldani is placed in the center of the restaurant. With its modern yet minimal design, the cooking block is equipped with many customizations such as commands and functions specifically requested to facilitate the job.

The kitchen’s black finish combined with steel was a strategic choice: lightened by lights and burners, this color gives the kitchen a suggestive and theatrical look.
Finally, the block was marked with the D’O logo: a real satisfaction for Marrone.


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