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Asola Cucina Sartoriale

The restaurant “Asola - Cucina Sartoriale” is in the heart of Milan on the ninth floor of the Brian & Barry store: eleven floors of fashion, food, home design, and much more. The renowned Chef Matteo Torretta leads the restaurant.

Installation date March 2014
Location Milan

Marrone is the restaurant’s technical partner providing two open kitchens Made in Italy.

The first one is placed in the center of the room and represents a real point of attraction. Guests can sit around the counter and taste the chef’s dishes. The second kitchen is a preparation and production cooking block surrounded by glass walls to delight spectators.

Asola is just a further evidence of how high the performances of Marrone products are, and of how much the Brian & Barry brand also believes in the company.

Asola Cucina Sartoriale


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