Deus Ex Machina

The Chef’s intervention alters the material which will never return to its initial state; it is, therefore, an intervention that admits no second attempts and has a single chance to be perfect: a flow which travels in a single direction, animated by an actor who has a precise consciousness of his role. With the same spirit Marrone undertakes his transformation of the material in search of the perfect tool to enable this operation.

Deus Ex Machina

Uniqueness Expression of the potential Design Cookability


The Marrone kitchen is a declaration of identity: there are no two equal.

Every Marrone realization is a single piece, not for habit or vanity, but as a necessary result of the facts: product of culinary thought that materializes in processes and becomes an instrument, the cooking suite is the crystallization of a method, of an approach, a need for strength of things every time unique, how each Chef is unique, each culinary concept, each entrepreneurial idea linked to taste.

Expression of the potential

The fully customized kitchen maximizes the ratio between possible and existing.

The expression of a culinary approach is a function of the distance that separates the potential from the possibility of realization. The compression of time, the synchronization of the movement, the control of energy, the capacity of handling are the measurement of this distance; to reduce it means to make possible what is potential, to allow expression. Introduce in the world an instrument that operates transformation.


The fully customized kitchen brings together rationality and passion.

Each step of the manufacturing of the cooking suite is controlled in detail according to a design thought that seeks the synthesis between functionality and aesthetics. As in the construction of an architecture, there are no hesitations, but a path traced with precision starting from the initial project. The concrete realization that will result from it will be the completion of the thought that generated it.


The fully customized kitchen makes the culinary transformation comfortable and safe.

The ergonomic design of a Marrone kitchen expresses itself in each element, from the choice of materials to the arrangement of the functionalities, from the design of the overall forms in relation to the environment up to the profiles of the most elementary control point. Everything has a purpose: to enable the highest culinary performances in a context of full efficiency, safety and comfort of use. The perfect machine for transformation.

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