Cum Grano Salis

In the construction of the Marrone kitchen, the counterweight to the total freedom is the effort to maintain the concreteness and to identify the possibilities which are really necessary. As in the recipe, the salt gives taste only if in right measure, so the drawing that Marrone draws from listening to the Chef must have everything you need and nothing more. The more healthy balance between production costs and the costs of managing a cooking suite is thus reached: with a pinch of salt.

Cum Grano Salis

The soul in the machine Listening skills The construction of a balance Reliability

The soul in the machine (ghost in the shell)

The Marrone kitchen springs from the culinary process and it enables the refinement.

In the East it is believed that the artefacts of the great craftsmen possess a soul; it resonates with that of those who handle them and it’s for him both a spur and tool for improvement. A concept of inspiration for Marrone which builds his cooking suite on the knowledge of the cooking process, highlighting the spaces of technical improvement and the possibility of optimizing the culinary and economic aspects.

Listening skills

The fully customized kitchen is an emanation of the method and of the personality of the Chef.

The ability of synthesis and the union of listening and concreteness are indispensable elements for controlling the process of creating the Marrone kitchen; listening to the Chef; the analysis of the composition and functions of his work team; the study of spaces; the general concept of the commercial operation. Everything is a step toward the creation of a device that is both enabler and guide in the culinary transformation.

The construction of a balance

The customized kitchen research the right balance between the operating and the economic fronts.

Every great dish comes from creating a balance: taste, smell, sight. The balance in the Marrone cooking suite is technical and economical between requirements of transformation and needed tools: each component is strictly necessary, it’s built to fulfill its task and nothing is included for needs that are not specific to the project. Therefore, the costs of purchase and management are calibrated on the indispensable minimum and on the maximum result.


The fully customized kitchen enables the performance, always.

Engine and mechanics, energy and movement are equal elements in the search for performance. Any exaggeration in one direction or in the other leads to a sub-optimal result. Culinary performance requires that the power of the instrument be restrained in order to be reliable, available as and when you need it, without ever being guilty of ostentation, remaining fixed on the objective and on the constraints that poses: concreteness is first of all this.

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